21-25 Bundle

21-25 Bundle

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Set of 5 Discussion Sheets (21-25) - Buy More and Save!

Purchase a Set and enjoy savings - you pay for only 4 sheets while getting a 5th sheet absolutely free!

Each pack includes 5 complete sets of discussion sheets, offering comprehensive support for language teaching and learning.

This pack covers the following topics:

  • The streaming wars

  • Israel and Palestine in context

  • Global warming

  • AI in Hollywood 

  • Meditation

The worksheet content includes:

  • Introductory Questions - an introduction to the topic.

  • Questions and Vocabulary based on Video Report - developing language skills based on multimedia.

  • Questions and Vocabulary based on Article - analysis and discussion based on texts.

  • Two Student Discussion (Debate) - practicing argumentation skills.

  • Summary with Questions - consolidating knowledge.

Additionally, we offer materials in both print and digital versions:

  • Conversation Sheet (14 pages) - conversation sheet filled with interesting and provocative questions for discussion and debate

  • Workbook (15-16 pages) - for deeper understanding of the topic.

  • Black and White Version (for printing) - cost-effective options for the conversation sheet and workbook.

Students can also benefit from our Quizlet sets, which facilitate the effective assimilation of more challenging vocabulary related to the topic, supporting their language development.

Enjoy more savings with bulk purchases—get one free pack for every 5 packs you add to your cart! When you buy in batches of five, each sheet costs just 0,8 Euro!

Teach more, prep less! 

Speakalio’s discussion sheets are designed for English teachers as well as language learners and those looking for authentic materials to improve their language skills.
When you buy the Speakalio discussion sheet, you get a lesson plan as well as a workbook, and they are available in two language versions – Polish and English. In addition, we also offer two print versions, allowing you the flexibility to use the materials both online and offline.
Our lesson plans are based on fluid conversation and debate based on real materials. We do not edit, and do not change the content of the recordings, so the language used is natural. Due to our profile, we offer materials for people at B1/B2 to C1/C2 levels.
Our worksheets cover a wide range of exciting topics, including current events, culture, science, technology and much more. We take inspiration from real articles and videos from around the world to provide material that is interesting and timely.
Speakalio’s discussion sheets allow teachers to create discussion-filled lessons that develop students’ language skills. For English language learners and those wishing to improve their language skills, they provide authentic materials for practice. This is an excellent way to develop conversational skills.
Shipping of materials happens automatically after payment of the order, so if after approx. 20 min. materials are still not visible in your email inbox (also in the spam folder), then please contact us through the form, or by sending a message on Facebook/Instagram and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
Yes, we regularly update our list of topics to provide fresh and up-to-date content. Our mission is to provide materials that are always interesting and in line with current events.
We accept various forms of payment, including credit cards and electronic payments such as PayPal. After your purchase, you will receive access to the sheet in both languages and the ability to print.
Of course! You can download our free conversation sample sheet from our front page by clicking on “Download Material.” The “Virtual Reality” sheet is structured in the same way as the rest of our lesson plans, so you can be sure that when you buy our next material you will get the same same quality conversation material!

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