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Speakalio materials are designed for teachers who want to diversify their lessons with topics that matter, as well as for students who want to learn vocabulary from authentic materials.

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Why Speakalio?

Interesting topics

Our discussion sheets offer fascinating topics from around the world, drawn from current articles and YouTube videos. They arouse curiosity and inspire constructive discussions, covering various areas: from current events, through culture and science, to technology and many others. Thanks to the Speakalio.com platform, your students will discover exciting content that expands their horizons and keeps them engaged in language learning.

Attractive design

We know that visual appeal can significantly impact student engagement. That's why our worksheets have an eye-catching layout that grabs students' attention from the very beginning. Every detail has been carefully designed to create an immersive learning experience. With striking graphics and intuitive navigation, Speakalio.com ensures that students will remain interested and engaged throughout the lesson.


Each workbook is stunning in its appearance, spanning 14 to 15 pages filled with fascinating visual content. Immerse yourself in eight comprehensive exercises, seamlessly integrated with lesson materials. They can be used as homework or to familiarize yourself with vocabulary in preparation for lessons. Carefully selected words in the exercises guarantee effective repetition, speeding up the memorization process. teach more, prepare less!