Grandparents in Modern Aging

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Aging is a process that affects each of us, being both a biological mystery and a complex social challenge. This inevitable aspect of life transcends the boundaries of scientific understanding, touching the essence of human existence. Advances in aging research impact both the microcosm of family relationships, where grandparents impart life's wisdom, and the broader social and political spectrum shaped by aging demographics.

Our conversation on aging is multidimensional: exploring both the biological basis of aging as well as promising technological innovations and the evolving social implications of an aging population. Our discussion takes us through the different layers of aging, shedding light not only on the cellular aspects of aging, but also on broader social and ethical considerations.

This lesson plan is an ideal tool for English teachers who are looking for effective and organized materials to teach at least B2 level about the aging process.

Our lesson plans consist of five key sections:

1. General Questions: We start with general questions that help students prepare for the topic and understand its social context.

2. Developing Vocabulary from a Video Report: In this section, students develop their vocabulary from a video report while answering questions that help them better understand the content.

3. Newspaper Article Vocabulary Development: The next section focuses on newspaper article vocabulary, also enhanced with questions that enable students to gain a deeper understanding of the text.

4. Two-Student Discussion: This is a key element of learning through interaction. Students lead a discussion, presenting opposing positions and practicing argumentation skills.

5. General Questions after the Discussion: At the end, students are asked general questions that help them summarize and consolidate what they have learned.

Additionally, students have access to our Quizlet application, where they can effectively learn more difficult vocabulary related to the aging process, which supports their language development.

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